Fees and costs

It is important that you consider the financial costs of going overseas on exchange before you decide to participate in the program. The cost of studying overseas will vary depending on your destination and lifestyle. You will need to pay for accommodation at your host university, details of which should be available on the university’s website. Other costs will include travel costs (airfares), travel insurance, health insurance, visa and passport fees, and textbooks.

While on exchange you will pay your HECS fees for a full-time load at JCU. You do not pay any tuition fees to your host university.

You may be allowed to work part-time (usually up to 20 hours per week) whilst on exchange. However, this does depend on where you go and there may be restrictions on the work that you can do. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations and any regulations relating to work while in your host country.

The Student Mobility Office does not recommend that you work whilst on exchange, as we want you to make the most of your academic and cultural exchange experience. Planning your exchange early, to give yourself time to save some extra money before you go, is a better option.