How to Apply

How to Apply

Application deadlines

The application deadlines for participation in the JCU Outbound Exchange Program are:

Semester 1: 30 June in the year prior to your departure.

Semester 2: 30 November in the year prior to your departure.

Late applications may be considered if places are available – contact the Global Mobility Office for more information.

Step One JCU Exchange Program Application

To apply to the JCU Exchange Program you must complete the Outgoing Exchange Application form. Once received, the Global Mobility team will assess application and if successful, nominate you to partner institution.

Step Two – Academic reference

Ask a lecturer or tutor to complete an Academic Reference Form on your behalf. Academic to submit this form directly to the Global Mobility Office.

Step Three – Credit transfer form

Contact your Faculty to discuss your exchange and study plan/what subjects you can do while on exchange. Choose the subjects that you would like to study at your nominated host university – search for subjects available on the host university websites.

Complete the Exchange Credit Transfer Form, get it signed and have it approved by your Registrar (see below). Get your 6-8 subjects approved per semester to allow for any timetable clashes/changes (maximum 10 subjects per semester will be approved). If you require assistance in searching for subjects at the host universities, contact the Global Mobility office - do NOT contact any of the host universities directly at this stage.

Step Four – Host university application

When nomination has been accepted, the Global Mobility Team will advise of host university application process and deadline. You will need to complete your host university’s application form. The Global Mobility Office will help you with this and will forward your application to the host university.

Make sure you follow all instructions and submit the host university electronic application form or complete non-electronic form and deliver with all required supporting documents in original to the Global Mobility Office at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

The host university assesses your application (processing times will vary, usually around 4-8 weeks).

Step Five – Acceptance process

Receive your official offer from the host university. Sign and return the Letter of Acceptance if applicable (procedure varies depending on host institution). The offer package from the host university usually includes forms and information on accommodation, visas etc.

Step Six – Finalise travel plans

  • Apply for your visa (if required)
  • Book travel and accommodation
  • Organise travel/health insurance if applicable
  • Organise your finances (e.g. OS-Help loan, Centrelink payments)
  • Consult the pre-departure guide to make sure you have done all the necessary things

You can download a Step-by-step guide to applying for outbound exchange (PDF, 26 KB).