Controlled Entities

Controlled Entities

James Cook Holdings Pte Ltd

James Cook Australia Institute of Higher Learning Pte Ltd

JCU Enterprises Pty Ltd

UniHealth (NQ) Pty Ltd

JCU Early Learning Centres Pty Ltd

JCU UniVet Pty Ltd

Tropical Queensland Centre of Oral Health

CPB Pty Ltd as trustee for the CPB Trust

North Queensland Commercialisation Company as trustee for the JCU Asset Trust

GRW Industries Pty Ltd

Non-Controlled Entities

Sacron Innovations Pty Ltd

Ausmodel Pty Ltd

Advanced Manufacturing CRC Limited

Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Limited

Hibernation Therapeutics Global Limited (In Liquidation)

Cleveland Biosensors Pty Ltd

Smart Arm Pty Ltd

ATF Group (PDF) Limited

Advance Cairns Limited

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre Limited

AINSE Limited

Aarnet Pty Ltd

Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Ltd

MRCF Pty Ltd as trustee for the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund