As at 1/07/2017



ex officio


Vice Chancellor

Professor Sandra Harding

Deputy Chairperson

Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor – Deputy Chairperson

Professor Chris Cocklin


Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

Professor Chris Cocklin


Deputy Vice Chancellor , Tropical Health and Medicine

Professor Ian Wronski


Deputy Vice Chancellor, Tropical Environments and Societies

Professor Iain Gordon


Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)


Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

Ms Tricia Brand


Deputy Vice Chancellor, Global Strategy and Engagement

Professor Robyn McGuiggan


Deputy Vice Chancellor, Singapore

Dr Dale Anderson


Chairperson, Academic Board

Professor Stephen Naylor


Pro Vice Chancellor, Australian Indigenous Education and Strategy

Dr Martin Nakata


Chief of Staff

Ms Vanessa Cannon


Dean, College of Medicine and Dentistry

Professor Richard Murray


Dean, College of Healthcare Services

Professor Lee Stewart


Dean, College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Services

Professor Maxine Whittaker


Dean, College of Arts, Society and Education

Professor Nola Alloway


Dean, College of Business, Law and Governance

Professor David Low


Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Professor Marcus Lane

 Head of Academic Group Business and IT (JCUS)

Dr Abhishek Bhati


University Secretary

Mr Michael Kern