Data Storage and Management

Data Storage and Management

HDR candidates must complete this online module during the first 12 months of candidature (full-time equivalent).  

The Data Storage and Management training video introduces research HDR candidates to the emerging practice of eResearch and the impact modern data-centric practices will have on all research disciplines. Funding agencies and institutions are now moving to require not only that the outputs of your research (e.g. papers) but also the primary research data that you use are made more openly available wherever possible. The motivations for this change in policy and practice are to do with data reusability and also ensuring data integrity.  As a result of these changes, research data management is becoming more important and concepts such as ‘metadata’ – data about data, licensing and IP ownership – are becoming more important for all researchers to understand.  The move to open data and systems is also resulting in entirely new forms of research being possible.  Generally available IT tools and open, discoverable data are creating new data centric approaches to research.

The Data Management video covers:

  • An introduction to the research data management program at JCU;
  • Types of data and why research data management is important; and
  • A framework for managing research data:
    • The Data Life Cycle
    • Data Management Plans

The module can be found in the Higher Degree by Research Organisation in LearnJCU, in the Data Storage and Management folder. For information on how to access the organisation please refer to the Using CareerHub and LearnJCU guide.

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