Epigeum Research Integrity: Concise (Core Course)

All HDR candidates must complete the Epigeum Research Integrity: Concise (Core Course) upon commencement of their degree. The module is available in the folder titled “Epigeum Research Integrity Compulsory Module” in the Higher Degree by Research Students Organisation in LearnJCU. You may undertake this module flexibly, in your own time.

The Research Integrity: Concise (Core Course) module provides a flexible ethics study area that enables research candidates to engage in an interactive way with ethical issues in many different contexts.  The module includes a short quiz, the results of which are recorded. You must get at least 80 per cent of the quiz questions correct to successfully complete the course.

If you score below 80 cent in the re-take module, you will need to start the process again.

Contact the GRS if you have any difficulties: grs@jcu.edu.au