Research Methods in Literature Review Module

HDR candidates must undertake this module during the first 12 months of candidature (full-time equivalent).

This course aims to give HDR candidates a sound understanding of the literature review process.  Examples are taken from many different disciplines and will be relevant to all researchers, regardless of academic field.  Content will includes the components 'What is a literature review?', 'Searching for literature', 'Evaluation of the literature' and 'Writing up your review'.  The Research Methods in Literature Review module will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

This module provides a flexible study area that enables HDR candidates to engage interactively in different contexts.  The module includes a pre-course quiz as well as post-course survey and quiz activities.

Access to this and other online modules is via LearnJCU’s Community Group ‘Higher Degree by Research Students’.  You will find the compulsory Research Methods in Literature Review module in the Research Skills Master Program folder.  That folder also contains other elective modules that you may consider undertaking in addition to the compulsory module.