RD7003 Elective Workshops

Included in the Professional Development Program is a series of sessions and online modules that are optional, termed Elective Components. There is no requirement for Research Masters candidates to complete Elective Components; however they are encouraged to do so as part of their HDR Professional Development Audit Plan.

Research Doctorate candidates must attend at least 52 hours of elective professional development activities in the first 18 months of full-time equivalent candidature, by the Mid-Candidature Review Milestone. Research Doctorate candidates enrolled after 1 January 2018 must also complete a further 40 hours of elective professional development by the Pre-Completion Evaluation Milestone.

The Elective Components provided as part of the GRS Professional Development Program can be used towards fulfilling that requirement, as may non-GRS activities that fit the criteria of training and are approved by each candidate’s candidature committee

Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns have worked as an award winning team for the past fifteen years. They are well known as leading practitioners and researchers in cognitive behavioural coaching. As well as publishing ten books that have sold many thousands of copies, they are regular contributors to Australian media, including a popular segment on ABC radio.

Their particular expertise is in working with high performers and they have a long history of providing specialist services to the medical and academic professions.

For more information visit their website.

Maria and Hugh present a range workshops at both the Cairns and Townsville campuses each year, click on the links below for more details.

Conditional Components

Some candidates may be required to undertake Conditional Components, depending upon several factors, including the nature of their project and whether they are enrolled as international candidates.

Conditional Components may be a requirement of both PhD and Masters by Research programs. In the case of PhD candidates, Conditional Component activities are counted towards Elective Component hours for the purposes of RD7003 Professional Development. These components include the Skills for International Postgraduates (SKIP) program, which is compulsory for all international HDR candidates in the first year of their study. They may also involve the writing support program associated with the Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA) system.

Other Conditional Components include diving, boating or other safety training requirements, or human or animal research ethics workshops (additional to compulsory ethics training).