An Introduction to NVivo

Introduction to NVivo

A qualitative researcher’s organisational tool. NVivo is sometimes called data analysis software, but this is misleading. NVivo will not analyse your data: that is your job. What NVivo will do is act as a total project management centre for your research. Almost all your research data can be stored and managed within one platform. This includes text, audio, video, still image, mobile device data, survey response data as spreadsheets, tweets, Facebook posts, web pages, YouTube videos – you get the idea. Now that your data is in one place – your NVivo project – you have the opportunity to search and organise it in many powerful ways. You are able to establish containers for data with common themes that are important for making sense of your data. These containers are called Nodes and are the basis of coding strategies that develop the patterns of your research investigations. Memoing and categorising sources is easy. This system provides you with a powerful tool for creating your literature review.

This workshop will introduce you to many of the features that will help you to get started with NVivo. The earlier you begin your NVivo project, the easier your life as a researcher will be.

Presented by TBA


Registrations open 6 weeks prior to the workshop date via CareerHub.