Introduction to Mindfulness as a Professional Skill

Introduction to Mindfulness as a Professional Skill

Practicing mindfulness is known to decrease stress, improve focus, emotion regulation, executive function (decision-making) and much more. Mindfulness training is being offered to staff in a range of professions to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity, including, law, health, business, science and education. This workshop will introduce you to the foundations and fundamentals of mindfulness and leave you with understandings and skills that will support you to bring mindfulness to life wherever you are.

Presented by Sharn Rocco, Mindful Works

**Due to the format of this workshop, video linking and zoom are not available. Participation is face to face only.

TownsvilleMonday 13 May 20191:00pm to 2:30pm17-151
CairnsMonday 17 June 20191:00pm to 2:30pmD3-144

Registrations are open via CareerHub.

This workshop can count towards your RD7003 professional development.