Introduction to Science Communication

Introduction to Science Communication

This interactive seminar invites you to engage with the many ways of communicating the outcomes of scientific research. Increasingly, researchers are judged on their impact rather than output. Whatever your field of research, someone in the media, the political sphere, schools or just out there in the broad community will want to hear about it. How do you make your meaning clear (and fascinating) to non-specialists without “dumbing-down” and compromising meaning? How do you use images and video to tell your story? This seminar will consider how to you might find your own language, voice and medium to get your message to the right people and in the most effective way. Dr Liz Tynan is a former science journalist and communicator with an interest in the language of science communication – how words can best be used to grab and hold attention. Dr Ian McLeod is a Senior Research Scientist and Communications Manager at James Cook University and is the Co-founder of Cinematic Science, a world-leading video production and science communication company. Ian is passionate about using visual communication (video, photography and animation) to convert important research into meaningful action

Presented by Dr Ian McLeod, Senior Research Scientist and Dr Liz Tynan, Academic Support Coordinator, Graduate Research School

TownsvilleWednesday 4 December 201910:00am to 3:00pm17-151
CairnsTBC10:00am to 3:00pmTBC

Registrations open 6 weeks prior to the workshop date via CareerHub.

You can find information from the past sessions on the eGRS website in the Professional Development Program folder.