Reading and Writing during Covid-19

The extraordinary times we find ourselves, as Covid-19 curtails so much of our normal lives, have consequences for HDR candidature. One of those consequences is the difficulty some people are having carrying out reading and writing connected to their project. Feeling this way is normal, but there are things we can do about it.

Join Associate Professor Liz Tynan, who will share some strategies for reading and writing during Covid-19, in the hope that you can get these vital candidature tasks moving again. Depending upon your preferences, seminars on this subject may be held regularly or semi-regularly throughout the rest of this year. A folder in the Higher Degree by Research Organisation on LearnJCU, with its own discussion board, has been set up. There you will find recordings of the seminars and any material that might be helpful for candidates. You will be able to share your own insights and tips there too.

Here are the details for the first seminar:

DATE: Wednesday 13 May 2020

TIME: 11am-12.30pm Queensland time, 9am-10.30am Singapore time

You may register for the Zoom session here:

PhD candidates may count their participation in this seminar towards RD7003, and will receive a credit of 1.5 hours.