Graduate Research School Workshops and Training RD7003 Elective Workshops Scientific Integrity: Animal and Human Research Ethics Modules

Scientific Integrity: Animal and Human Research Ethics Modules

Epigeum Research Integrity Modules (online)

The LearnJCU Higher Degree by Research Students Organisation contains two suites of Epigeum research integrity modules.  In the first, Epigeum Research Integrity Additional Modules, you will find the compulsory ethics module that you must complete if you have not attended the face to face workshop during the GRS induction week.  The compulsory module is titled “Research Integrity: Concise (core course)”.  You must go through this module and undertake the end of course quiz to satisfy the requirements of the Compulsory Component (if you have not attended the face to face workshop).

In addition, you may also undertake other elements of this module and the other module titled Epigeum Research Integrity Modules, where you will find a range of material relevant to the broad topic of research ethics and integrity.  You are encouraged to undertake these courses, and may count them towards the Elective Component of RD7003, should they be relevant to your research degree program and your career aspirations.

The topics available via the Epigeum modules including human subjects protections, humane use and care of animals in research, conflict of interest, safety and health and intellectual property, as well as specific ethics training in various disciplinary areas such as biomedical sciences, natural and physical sciences, engineering and technology, social and behavioural sciences and arts and humanities.  You are strongly encouraged to undertake this elective training.  Each individual course will take around three hours, so for each course taken you may count three hours.

Additional module via Smart Sparrow: Scientific Integrity:  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Ethics Module

Historically, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been the subject of much research, the vast majority of which was undertaken by non-Indigenous people. Communities were not always aware that they were the subject of a research project, there was little benefit to the communities from the research and in some cases researchers assumed ownership of what was traditional knowledge.

This module has been developed to enable participants to:

  • Develop a substantial knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to their field of work
  • Develop cognitive skills to demonstrate expert understanding of theoretical knowledge and to reflect critically on that theory and practice
  • Develop communication skills to explain and critique theoretic propositions, methodologies and conclusions
  • Apply their knowledge and skills with full responsibility and accountability for personal outputs.

Please note that if you are intending to undertake the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Ethics Module, you will need to be enrolled in the Smart Sparrow platform. Here are some details:

Minimum Browser Requirements

  • This ethics module was developed using the adaptive learning platform called Smart Sparrow, which requires the following minimum browser requirements:  Chrome 30, Firefox 24, Internet Explorer 9 or Safari 5.1.  Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and above is also required.
  • Before you access the modules, the Graduate Research School must first enrol you in the Smart Sparrow database.  You will then receive an automated email to confirm your enrolment.  If you have not received an email, please contact to ensure your enrolment with the Smart Sparrow system has been completed.

How the Modules Work

  • The Scientific Integrity series of research ethics modules provides flexible ethics study areas that enable research students to engage in an interactive way with ethical issues in many different contexts.
  • The modules include a short quiz, the results of which are recorded and placed on your student file within the JCU Graduate Research School.
  • You must obtain at least 80% accuracy in your responses to the quiz in order to successfully complete it.  If you are required to re-take the quiz, use the relevant link provided on the following webpage.
  • If you score less than 80% in the re-take module, you will need to start the process again.  Contact the GRS to restart your access to the ethics module(s):