Shameless Self Promotion

It's tempting to think that if you are clever and work hard then people will notice and shower you with rewards. Tempting, but probably not true. As well as being clever and working hard you also need to be able to promote yourself. In this workshop you will learn strategies for: putting yourself out there, asking for what you want, taking responsibility – not waiting for it to happen, developing your one minute pitch and presenting yourself effectively for promotions, grants, awards

This workshop will look at:

  • Asking for what you want
  • Why waiting isn’t enough
  • Why it is hard to self promote (and why you need to)
  • Using convincing language
  • Developing a convincing pitch
  • Social media
  • Media and other methods to communicate

For more information visit the Thinkwell website.

Participation in this workshop may be counted in the Elective Component of RD7003 for PhD candidates.

Who is it for: Most suitable for Academics and Researchers, but HDR candidates will still find it useful.

Presented by Thinkwell, Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns.

CairnsFriday 29 November 20199:00am to 11:30amE2-113
ZoomFriday 29 November 20199:00am to 11:30am

** Please note that attendance via Zoom is for observation only **

How to Register

HDR Candidates must register via CareerHub and JCU Staff can register using the online form here