The Imposter Syndrome

Why successful people often feel like frauds

How can it be that so many clever, competent and capable people can feel that they are just one step away from being exposed as a complete fraud? Despite evidence that they are performing well they can still have that lurking fear that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say "We need to have a chat".

The session will explain why high performing people often doubt their abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes. It will also show the links to perfectionism and self-handicapping strategies such as procrastination, avoidance and overcommitment.

At the end of this session you will:

  • Know what the latest psychological research tells us about the imposter syndrome is and how it operates
  • Realise how widespread imposter feelings are and why highly successful people can feel like frauds
  • Be aware of evidence-based strategies that reduce imposter feelings

For more information visit the Thinkwell website.

Participation in this workshop may be counted in the Elective Component of RD7003 for PhD candidates.

Presented by Thinkwell's Hugh Kearns or Maria Gardiner

** Dates to be confirmed for 2020 **


How to Register

HDR Candidates must register via CareerHub and JCU Staff can register using the online form here