Graduate Research School Available Projects Antiparasitic agents from medicinal plants

Antiparasitic agents from medicinal plants

Title of Project

Antiparasitic agents from medicinal plants

Name of Advisor/s

Phurpa Wangchuk


College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

There is only limited drugs to effectively treat parasitic infections affecting millions of people worldwide especially around the tropics. The medicinal plants are the viable sources of anti-parasitic drugs. This project will isolate, characterize and identify novel antiparasitic drug leads from selected medicinal plants (around North Queensland or from partner countries).

Key Words

Medicinal plants, antiparasitics, tropical plants

Would suit an applicant who

Preferably with background (but not essential) on: natural products/medicinal chemistry, analytical technology (NMR, HPLC, GCMS and LCMS), and laboratory experimental design experience.