Graduate Research School Available Projects Continuous (Micro)flow photochemistry: Lab & Light on a chip

Continuous (Micro)flow photochemistry: Lab & Light on a chip

Title of Project

Continuous (Micro)flow photochemistry: Lab & Light on a chip

Name of Advisor/s

A/Prof Michael Oelgemoeller


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Recently, (micro)flow photochemistry has emerged as a new synthesis tool that successfully combines the small dimensions of microreactors with continuous flow mode. My group is investigating a series of homogeneous and heterogeneous photoreactions. The research also involves the construction of novel LED-driven microchips and their implementation in the synthesis of platform chemicals. Flexible and inexpensive microcapillary reactors have also been designed and fabricated as part of this research area. Through bundling of microcapillaries, this innovative reactor concept allows for rapid, resource- and space-efficient reaction optimization, scale-up and parallel synthesis. We have designed and successfully tested a parallel microcapillary reactor for the first time. My group is a leader in this emerging technology and has developed a number of innovative microreactor systems for photochemical transformations in the past. In collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM), we are furthermore investigating the synthesis of anti-malarial compounds through continuous flow photooxygenations. My group is also collaborating with Vapourtec (UK) on the development of commercial flow photochemistry modules.

Key Words

photochemistry, flow chemistry, organic synthesis

Would suit an applicant who

Interest in synthetic organic, flow and photochemistry.