Graduate Research School Available Projects CRISPR knockout of myostatin, colour, DMRT, DND in barramundi (PhD)

CRISPR knockout of myostatin, colour, DMRT, DND in barramundi (PhD)

Title of Project

CRISPR knockout of myostatin, colour, DMRT, DND in barramundi (PhD)


Professor Dean Jerry

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

With the advent of robust gene-editing technology such as CRISPR/CAS9 geneticists can now with precision target key genes and understand their role and/or induce desired phenotypes. One such gene in animals which has been shown to be a negative muscle growth regulator is that of myostatin. Knockdown or mutagenesis of myostatin in livestock and some fishes like zebrafish has shown that reducing the abundance of the myostatin protein leads to increased muscle growth and generally larger organisms. Since growth is one of the most important traits for aquaculture knock-out of myostatin through gene-editing offers potential to increase productivity. This project will develop and apply CRISPR/CAS9 technology in barramundi targeting myostatin, and possibly other genes related to melanin production and germ-cell line development. Through the use of CRISPR/CAS9 it will help understand the role of key genes in the growth, colour and sexual development of barramundi, all which are important traits for future targeted genetic improvement. Enquiries should be directed to:

Key Words

aquaculture; genetic tools; barramundi; genes

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Available to both domestic and international applicants wishing to undertake a PhD. Applicants will need to apply for a JCU competitive Research Scholarship and should be familiar with the Higher Degree by Research Requirements.

Updated: 11 Apr 2020