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Graduate Research School Available Projects Culture and placemaking in Cairns

Culture and placemaking in Cairns

Title of Project

Culture and placemaking in Cairns


A/Prof Lisa Law, Dr Russell Milledge

College or Research Centre

College of Arts, Society & Education; College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Cairns Regional Council has aspirations to become the Arts and Culture Capital of Northern Australia and has embedded this in their Strategy for Culture and the Arts 2022. With renovated theatres and parklands, and evolving gallery precincts, Cairns is like many cities in nurturing arts and culture industries to make the city more competitive. This research will measure the extent and change in the arts and creative industries in the city over time and explore the role they play in making Cairns a distinctive city.

Key Words

Arts and culture industries; urban design; placemaking

Would suit an applicant who

Has a Masters, honours degree, or equivalent, in geography, planning or similar creative industries, with strong research and analytical skills. Outstanding applicants are eligible to apply for a Postgraduate Research Scholarship at JCU.

Updated: 11 Apr 2020