Title of Project


Name of Advisor/s

Richard Franklin


College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

This project would explore the effectiveness and what makes signage effective in ensuring the safety of people in, on and around water.  Signage is a common form of providing information to the public, and while there is a lot of information about road safety signage we know very little about what makes water safety signage effective.  Unlike road safety there are a number of challenges around water safety signs such as location (proximity to hazard), size & visual impact, understanding & comprehension, changing nature of hazards, enforcement, and life span.  Understanding the challenges will help improve water safety.

Key Words

Drown; water safety; communication; behaviour; prevention

Would suit an applicant who

Would suit an applicant who has a background in psychology, human behaviour; public health, occupational therapy, workplace health and safety, communication.