Graduate Research School Available Projects Examining music listening in everyday life

Examining music listening in everyday life

Title of Project

Examining music listening in everyday life


Dr Amanda Krause (

College or Research Centre

College of Healthcare Sciences

Summary of Project

The digitization of music has altered consumption practices - people now have the ability to listen to music in many more places and at any time (Krause, et al., 2015). Indeed, music listening is embedded into everyday life and often happens while people are doing other activities (Krause, et al., 2015). People are aware of what music they need to hear in different situations and times (DeNora, 2000; see also Krause, et al., 2021), often selecting music that ‘fit’ their purpose, goal, or the situation in some way (Krause & North, 2014). Yet, understanding the factors that influence contextual listening choices still requires research (Kamalzadeh et al., 2012; Krause & North, 2017). The proposed research would focus on understanding the contextual influences on people’s everyday listening experiences.

Key Words

everyday music listening; music preferences; social and applied psychology of music; music psychology

Would suit an applicant who

has a background in music or psychology; either as an HDR and Extra-curricular research pursuit.

Updated: 05 Oct 2022