Marketing Sustainability

Title of Project

Marketing Sustainability

Name of Advisor/s

Dr Breda McCarthy, Professor Lynne Eagle


College of Business, Law & Governance

Summary of Project

There are multiple subsets of sustainability marketing focusing on barriers to, and potential enablers of, behaviour change across a range of population segments.  Potential projects include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Environmental protection, including waste reduction (e.g. food waste, e-waste, fast fashion, plastic waste), encouraging recycling, de-marketing, i.e. reducing consumption of products and services.
  2. Consumer attitudes towards emerging forms of renewable energy
  3. Attitudes towards environmentally friendly transport options
  4. Disposing of waste is a common part of everyday life, with detrimental impacts on the environment, yet for many consumers it is largely a habitual, unconscious process. Disposed goods and materials, however, do not simply disappear. Hence, research projects that consider the use of persuasive marketing communications, visual imagery and social media interventions for enabling behavioural change are welcomed.


Marketing sustainability, environmental protection, waste reduction, behaviour change

Would suit an applicant who

Has a strong interest in sustainability-related issues and the effects / effectiveness of persuasive communication in changing people’s behaviours; Mix of qualitative and quantitative skills.