Graduate Research School Available Projects Maturation performance of sex-changed barramundi - Masters

Maturation performance of sex-changed barramundi - Masters

Title of Project

Maturation performance of sex-changed barramundi - Masters


Professor Dean Jerry

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

One of the constraining factors to the conduct of efficient selective breeding programs for barramundi is the inability to control their natural sex change process (as they are protandrous hermaphodites). Recently, we have succeeded in precociously sex changing male barramundi into females. Now that this has been achieved the next step of research is to understand how sex-changed females undergo gonadal maturation, whether they undertake normal spawning behaviours and their fertility. This Masters project will sex-change barramundi and track maturation of their eggs, induce spawnings and examine fertility. It may also incorporate gene expression analyses to better understand what is happening to key sex maturation genes in sex-induced fish. Enquiries should be directed to:

Key Words

aquaculture; genetic tools; barramundi

Would suit an applicant who

Available to both domestic and international applicants wishing to undertake a Masters by research degree. Applicants will need to apply for a JCU competitive Research Scholarship and should be familiar with the Higher Degree by Research Requirements.

Updated: 11 Apr 2020