Graduate Research School Available Projects Paleopathology in prehistoric Southeast Asia

Paleopathology in prehistoric Southeast Asia

Title of Project

Paleopathology in prehistoric Southeast Asia

Name of Advisor/s

A/Prof Kate Domett


College of Medicine & Dentistry

Summary of Project

I have a range of projects available for research students in the field of biological anthropology. These projects specifically involve the study of paleopathology - the study of disease in the past based on evidence from human skeletons. This might include analyses of trauma, infectious disease, dental health and pathology, osteoarthritis or growth disturbances. The skeletal samples are from prehistoric communities from mainland Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The nexus of health, environment and society, seen through the lens of climate change and conflict is a key overarching theme of my research projects.

Key Words

paleopathology, biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, Southeast Asia, forensic anthropology

Would suit an applicant who

Has a Bachelor degree in science with a focus on human anatomy or a Bachelor degree in arts focusing on archaeology or biological anthropology