Skin cancer prevention

Title of Project

Skin cancer prevention


Dr Simone Harrison , Dr Annika Smith (Dermatologist & Adjunct A/Prof)

College or Research Centre

College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

Queensland has the highest incidence of melanoma and epithelial skin cancers globally, and costs the Australian Health System more than any other form of cancer. There are a number of projects available to students who are interested in conducting and evaluating innovative research aimed at increasing the adoption of sun-safe behaviours. Please contact Dr Simone Harrison to express your interest and discuss the available options.

Key Words

sun protection; skin cancer; sun exposure; prevention; melanoma; squamous cell carcinoma; basal cell carcinoma; melanocytic naevi; health promotion; behaviour; prevention

Would suit an applicant who

a background in psychology, public health, human behaviour, education, medicine, occupational therapy, communication.

Updated: 01 Mar 2022