Graduate Research School Available Projects Story through oral-history and interactive multi-media

Story through oral-history and interactive multi-media

Title of Project

Story through oral-history and interactive multi-media

Name of Advisor/s

Dr Janet Marles


College of Arts, Society & Education

Summary of Project

The importance of the stories we tell and the stories we hear is recognised in every culture. Narrative methods for the collection of data are increasingly used in research in the social sciences and humanities, which value getting to know people and cultures in more intimate and less distant ways. Creative modes of reproducing these collected biographies of oral history interviewing, videography and photography adds another layer for expression as well as accessing audiences who can experience and interact with the multi-media collections. Documentary production and interactive exhibition are powerful tools for researching and understanding cultures

Key Words

Story-telling, Oral History, Photography, Videography, Interactive Multi-media, Documentary, Biography.

Would suit an applicant who

Is interested in story-telling through oral history research and interactive multi-media production