Graduate Research School Available Projects Sustainable Aquaculture Water Treatment

Sustainable Aquaculture Water Treatment

Title of Project

Sustainable Aquaculture Water Treatment

Name of Advisor/s

A/Prof Michael Oelgemoeller


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Aquaculture is one of the fasted growing industries in the world. One of the major concerns of the aquacultural industry is biosecurity. Species of the genus Vibrio have been recognized as the most significant pathogens in aquaculture of marine fish and have been linked to food poisoning and mass mortality of breeding stock. The same microorganism currently prevents the closed life cycle farming of tropical rock lobster, which is regarded a lucrative aquaculture product. We are investigating Advanced Oxidation Process (AOPs) involving singlet oxygen as a promising “soft” technique for water sterilization. While UVC treatment is performed industrially, it suffers from several disadvantages in terms of operation costs and safety hazards. We are investigating water-soluble or solid-supported dyes, for example porphyrins. Process optimization and after treatment re-growth methods are used to evaluate detoxification efficiency up to industrial demonstration scales. Toxicity tests on farmed marine species and feedstock are also conducted.

Key Words

aquaculture, water treatment, advanced oxidation process, detoxification

Would suit an applicant who

Interest in environmental and sustainable chemistry, microbiology and aquaculture.