Graduate Research School Available Projects The role of motile cilia in mucociliary clearance

The role of motile cilia in mucociliary clearance

Title of Project

The role of motile cilia in mucociliary clearance


Dr Richard Francis

College or Research Centre

College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

A thin layer of cells lining our airways, termed the respiratory epithelium, is all that separates our lungs from the external environment. To protect the lungs the respiratory epithelium secretes a thin layer of mucus that traps inhaled foreign particles. This mucus is transported by motile cilia that beat in an orientated manner to move this mucus up and out of the airway in a process called mucociliary clearance. Successful applicants will use a range of experimental techniques including primary cell culture, immunohistochemistry, light microscopy (DIC, epifluorescence), and image analysis, to study factors influencing respiratory cilia motility and cilia generated flow.

Key Words

Respiratory epithelia; Cilia; Mucociliary clearance; Cell biology; honours; masters

Would suit an applicant who

A science or medical graduate with good manual dexterity for fine tissue dissection

Updated: 13 Oct 2020