Graduate Research School Available Projects TREAD: Translational Research in Endocrinology and Diabetes 'Multiple projects'

TREAD: Translational Research in Endocrinology and Diabetes 'Multiple projects'

Title of Project

TREAD: Translational Research in Endocrinology and Diabetes 'Multiple projects'


Prof Usman Malabu

College or Research Centre

College of Medicine & Dentistry

Summary of Project

TREAD was established in 2012 as a collaboration between the endocrinologists at the Townsville University Hospital and James Cook University (JCU) researchers. Over the years TREAD received various local, national and international research grants including World Diabetes Foundation, BUPA Health Foundation and Australian Diabetes Society for research aimed at combating diabetic limb amputation as the region is judged to have the highest rate of amputation in Queensland. JCU postgraduate students and Royal Australian College of Physicians’ endocrine trainees will not only be engaged with clinical practice but also able to build their career in research and academics in the unit. Our mission is to engage in fundamental and clinical research that helps with preventing, identifying and managing Diabetes and foot complications seen in people with diabetes in the tropics. The broad areas of our research include: Diabetic foot ulcers: prevention and management Diabetic renal and cardiovascular complications Telehealth for Diabetes and Endocrine management in rural/remote areas eHealth and mHealth for Diabetes management in rural/remote areas

Key Words

TREAD; endocrinology; telemedicine; online health; diabetes

Would suit an applicant who

Higher Degree Research only i.e. PhD or MPhil (intercalated MD-PhD & MD-MPhil), Extra-curricular only (Represents research work experience opportunities during spare time and holidays), Both HDR and Extra-curricular, Honours students

Updated: 25 Nov 2021