Commencing Candidates

Congratulations on the start of your research degree!

The following information relates to you as a commencing Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidate. Individual Colleges will also have information for new candidates, particularly relating to Workplace Health and Safety legislation. Please organise to undertake a College-based induction that includes Workplace Health and Safety matters as soon as possible after enrolment, and ensure that you retain evidence that you have completed this training. Contact your College’s Academic Services Officer (ASO) for further information.

The Graduate Research School (GRS) provides a welcome pack that highlights key information relevant to you as a commencing HDR candidate. The GRS also encourages candidates to familiarise themselves with the content of the GRS website, in particular the contents of this Commencing Candidates webpage as well as our Enrolled Candidates webpage.

Upon enrolment in your research degree, you should also download the following forms and complete them when you meet with your advisory panel:

The following information is relevant to all commencing research higher degree candidates at JCU.  It is important that candidates are aware of their responsibilities in terms of professional and generic skills development and training, as well as research ethics, reporting requirements and candidature milestones. All JCU HDR candidates must undertake compulsory workshops during the early stages of their candidature.  The links below will direct you to the relevant information. International candidates, including those who have English as an Additional Language, should note the need to undertake the SKIP program and, in certain specified cases, take the PELA test.