APR Internship for PhD Candidates

APR Internship for PhD Candidates

Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern

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Following on from the successful 2017 TropINTERN program, JCU is now implementing the Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern program.

A not-for-profit national program, APR.Intern provides PhD students with the opportunity to apply their research expertise to a short-term 3-5 month project, while gaining invaluable experience in an industry setting.

Details about the program, such as eligibility criteria for students, conditions for their academic mentor, as well as the Industry Partners can be found on the APR.Intern webpage.

In brief:

  • The scheme will be open to currently enrolled full and part-time domestic and international PhD Candidates who have passed their Confirmation of Candidature and are able to demonstrate that participation in the internship will not adversely impact on their scheduled thesis submission date. Internships for international PhD Candidates will not qualify for the 50% government rebate.
  • Eligible industries will span the entire innovation sector including not-for-profits, government departments, publicly funded research agencies (PFRAs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and big business. Overseas industry partners will be eligible as long as appropriate academic mentorship can be arranged. Overseas industry partners will not be able to claim the 50% government rebate.
  • Each 5-month internship is valued at $26k, of which $3k per month are a stipend for the intern; $5.5k go to the Academic Mentor for their support and supervision and $5.5k go towards the administrative costs of the program. Program costs will be covered by the industry partner. Eligible industry partners will receive a 50% rebate from the Australian Government, bringing the overall project costs to $13k for a 5-month internship.

Contact at JCU

Dr Susan Sobtzick from the GRS will provide student and industry support for the APR.Intern program at JCU, as well as align contract administration and candidate management with HDR supervisory and college requirements. Susan's hours are Mon – Wed 8.30am - 4.30pm and she can be contacted by email (GRS@jcu.edu.au or S.Sobtzick@aprintern.org.au) or on (07) 4781 5901.

How do I become an intern?

(1) Applying for an advertised internship position

Applications are currently open for the following internships (list will be updated regularly)

  • Ultra Coral Australia (INT - 0429)

Project: Coral Propagation: Reproductive biology and growth of fishery-targeted coral species
Location: Paget, QLD
Read more and apply here

(2) Submitting an application with a specific industry partner

If you already know who you want to do your internship with and you have discussed this opportunity with your industry partner, you can submit a general application. Please fill out an EOI here and Susan will get in touch.

Success stories of former TropINTERN candidates

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