Internships for HDR Candidates


The TropINTERN program can be utilised by Industry partners wishing to engage with HDR Candidates by having them as an intern within their organisation.  The aim of the program is to promote better engagement between HDR researchers and industry, and industry to better leverage the broad and varied skill sets our HDR Candidates possess. Industry partners can be anyone ffrom a small business to a large multinational company or not-for-profit organisation - anyone who would benefit from accessing skilled researchers.

TropINTERN is a program which is very flexible in terms of internship duration and financial arrangement, but with the structure behind it to ensure success (see below subject outline.)  To discuss opportunities please contact

RD7004 Extended HDR Internship Subject Outline

Guidelines for the assessment of the Extended Internship Program TropINTERN

Individual document sections (pdf forms):

RD7004 Proposal Form

RD7004 Section 1 Proposal Review Form

RD7004 Section 2 Candidates Response Form

RD7004 Section 3 Review of Report Form

RD7004 Section 4 Evaluation of Seminar Form

RD7004 Section 5 Overall Subject Grade Form