Internships for HDR Candidates

TropINTERN 2017

*now closed and replaced by APR Intern*

To position ourselves for the proposed federally funded Internship Program for HDR Candidates which is due to commence in 2018, JCU will be running an internally funded program in 2017 called TropINTERN.

You can nominate a project and industry partner with whom you already have a relationship, or you can select from available HDR internships.

The intern must:

  • Be an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident
  • Be able to commence and complete a 5 month internship in 2017
  • Be enrolled in (post Confirmation of Candidature) or having their thesis examined or currently unemployed and graduated no earlier than 2016 from a Research Doctorate or Research Masters degree at JCU.

The internships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis provided the eligibility criteria are met.  We are looking to place approximately 15 interns in the second half of 2017.

Funding and other arrangements:

  • The intern shall receive a taxable stipend scholarship at the rate of $3000/month as well as up to $5000 for research/relocation costs.
  • The intern must be enrolled in the subject “RD7004: Extended HDR Internship” but will not incur fees for this subject.
  • Interns who are already in receipt of a scholarship at the time of the internship will have their scholarship suspended for the duration of the paid internship.
  • The Primary Advisor of the intern shall receive $5000 total into their IRA account on the condition that the funds are used to support HDR students.
  • The industry partner must agree to contribute a minimum of $5000 cash towards the stipend, and must cover reasonable in kind project costs for the period of the internship.

Contract administration and candidate management will be provided by the GRS to ensure alignment with HDR supervisory and college requirements. A part-time staff member, Dr Susan Sobtzick, will take care of contract administration.   Susan's hours are Mon – Wed 8.30am - 3.30pm and can be contacted by email ( or on (07) 4781 5901.

RD7004 Extended HDR Internship Subject Outline

Guidelines for the assessment of the Extended Internship Program TropINTERN

Individual document sections (pdf forms):

RD7004 Proposal Form

RD7004 Section 1 Proposal Review Form

RD7004 Section 2 Candidates Response Form

RD7004 Section 3 Review of Report Form

RD7004 Section 4 Evaluation of Seminar Form

RD7004 Section 5 Overall Subject Grade Form