Available HDR Internships

*now closed and replaced by APR Intern*

Achacha Fruit Group (AFG)

AFG is seeking a JCU HDR student with an agricultural / plant science background as part of the TropINTERN Program. Located 45km south of Townsville on the Bruce Highway, AFG is the largest commercial grower of Achacha tropical fruit in the world. It has pioneered the growing of the Achacha (achachairĂº, Garcinia humilis) on a commercial basis and now seeks to refine fruit quality through a targeted research program. The fruit is native to the Amazon Basin in Bolivia. Interested candidates will need to have enquiring minds, as little technical information is available on the fruit.

For further information on the Achacha and AFG, see www.achacha.com.au.


Rockfield is interested in placing a JCU HRD student as part of the TropINTERN program, preferably a student from the e-Research Centre, or a student with a background in electrical engineering with specialist skills in data manipulation, cloud computing or IOT.

Rockfield provides world-class advisory services to companies and Government Departments relying on critical but aging infrastructure. Rockfield’s vision is to reimagine and transform aging infrastructure through business and engineering analytics and the implementation of disruptive technology. More information about the company available on http://rocktech.com.au/.

Sister companies NQ UAV and DEC-MECH Pty Ltd -several positions available-

NQ UAV and DEC-MECH are looking for JCU HDR students (several positions available) with interests in drones, asset management, risk management, data analytics and financial analytics. Applicants with a background in IT or Engineering who have software development skills and data science skills are preferred, but candidates from all disciplines will be considered depending on their skillset.

NQ UAV is passionate about aviation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or drones), high-end technology and a love of science. The company is committed to providing easy and affordable access to UAV technology to Businesses, Research Bodies and Government Organisations. More information about the company available on https://www.nquav.com.au/.

DEC-MECH specialises in small to medium capital, improvement and modification engineering projects. DEC-MECH can provide a full suite of services ranging from 3D scanning, mechanical design, FEA, 3D modelling, 2D drafting and project execution. More information about the company available on http://www.decmech.com.au/.