VYT Submission Checklist

Submission checklist for competitors

1. Poster in PowerPoint file .pptx format?
2. Presentation (excl. bookend slides) displays for no more than 60 seconds?
3. Slides set to advance automatically in PowerPoint?
4. PowerPoint file size no more than 100 MB?
5. No embedded online videos, such as YouTube or Vimeo videos or similar?
6. No separate media files: i.e. all media embedded in the PowerPoint file?
7. All video and audio starts automatically and loops continuously?
8. All video and audio is optimised and compressed?
9. First slide and last slide from template included, i.e. the title slide and references slide?
10. References included for any resources used to create your entry?
11. Acknowledgements included for people, or groups, who helped with your project or entry?
12. Citations included for any media used or created, including images, audio and video files?
13. Does the use of media, including images, audio and video files, comply with copyright legislation and regulations?
14. Text font size no smaller than 14 pt?
15. Page setup in PowerPoint the same as for the template? (i.e. page setup not changed?)
16. Required information included on the poster as specified in the template: Introduction, Research Significance, Method, Results, Conclusion?
17. Text on the entry proof-read?
18. Valid Twitter/Instagram handle and ORCiD included on title slide?