Cyclone Testing Station Research Scholarships

Topic: Response of the structural system of houses to wind loading

The Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia has been carrying out research and testing on wind loading and structural response since 1977. This work has produced data for codes and standards and is used widely by the building and insurance industries worldwide.

Windstorms generate spatially and temporally varying external pressures that generate complex structural response (load sharing).  Failure of the weakest link in the tie-down chain of structural components is found to be the cause damage, during windstorms. Understanding initial failures are also important for studying the progression of failure with increasing load. This project will study the wind loading and structural response (including the progressive failures) in vulnerable house types and formulate practical structural retrofit options.

Applicants must have a relevant BE Honours degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent. Scholarship funding is a PhD scholarship stipend rates are equivalent to the APA rate which is ~ AUS$27k per annum for 3 years with a possibility of a 6 month extension.  Start at the beginning of 2018.

Interested applicants should email the below information to

  • CV (including description of any previous experience relevant to this project)
  • academic record
  • three referees (names, addresses, emails and phone numbers)
  • publication list (if any)

Applicants must also demonstrate an appropriate academic record to be competitive for a PhD scholarship at JCU. Applicants must complete the necessary steps to applying for PhD candidature at JCU. For more information visit prerequisites and application information.

For any further information on this project, please contact

Dr David Henderson (Director, CTS)