Cyclone Testing Station Research Scholarships

The James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station is seeking a postgraduate research student(s) to be a part of its research team. The postgraduate student(s) will carry out research towards a PhD on ‘The Vulnerability of Buildings to Wind Loading’. The student(s) will conduct wind tunnel and full scale tests, theoretical structural analysis, and produce papers and present results at conferences and workshops.

The student(s) will have an Honours degree in Civil Engineering or a related discipline and experience in structural analysis (including relevant software packages). An annual scholarship (tax exempt) will be payable in line with the current Australian Postgraduate Award rates (2017 rate is $26,682 per annum) with additional funds available for outstanding candidates.

How to apply

Applicants must demonstrate an appropriate academic record to be competitive for a PhD scholarship at JCU. Applicants must complete the necessary steps to applying for PhD candidature at JCU. For more information visit prerequisites and application information.

Interested applicants should email the below information to (Dr David Henderson, Director of the Cyclone Testing Station):

  • CV (including description of any previous experience relevant to this project)
  • academic record
  • two referees (names, addresses, emails and phone and fax numbers)
  • publication list (if any)

Cyclone Testing Station

The Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) is a self-funded research and consulting organisation within the College of Engineering and Science at James Cook University. The Station undertakes research in and has an international reputation for testing the effects of cyclones and severe wind events on buildings, damage assessment and risk analysis. The Station is equipped with a boundary layer wind tunnel, a high volume air box and material testing laboratories.

More information

For further information contact Dr David Henderson or Associate Professor John Ginger at