A novel antiviral approach to dengue virus infection

Title of Project

A novel antiviral approach to dengue virus infection

Name of Advisor/s

Patrick Schaeffer


College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science

Summary of Project

Two-thirds of the world’s population is currently at risk from Dengue virus (DENV). DENV infects an estimated 390 million people per year with 96 million symptomatic cases leading to 500,000 hospitalizations. DENV is estimated to kill 20,000 individuals per year. There is no approved antiviral available to treat DENV or ZIKV infections, meaning that new therapeutics for DENV are urgently required.  This project aims at laying the groundwork for the development of new antivirals to prevent and treat DENV infection.

Key Words

Dengue, antiviral, drugs, infection, treatment

Would suit an applicant who

is interested in drug discovery and infectious diseases