Big data approaches to understanding bats

Title of Project

Big data approaches to understanding bats

Name of Advisor/s

Prof Simon Robson


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

Echolocating bats are an important component of the global ecosystem, but their night time habits make it difficult to record their presence, activity and behaviour. Recent advances in ultra-sound recording technology presents a valuable opportunity to identify bats through sound recording, but data sets are huge and analytical techniques at early stages. This project is designed to develop the technological, database and software tools required to process this new data, opening a new role of opportunity in the behaviour,ecology and conservation space.

Key Words

bats, chiroptera, behavioural ecology, big data, analytics, ecology, conservation

Would suit an applicant who

is not afraid of data, would enjoy a combination of field, laboratory and computer research, seeks to develop expertise in database management, WWW design and analytical skills