Emerging pathogens in Cambodian live animal markets

Title of Project

Emerging pathogens in Cambodian live animal markets


Dr Paul Horwood , Dr Erik Karlsson, Dr Philippe Dussart, Dr Andrew Greenhill

College or Research Centre

College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Science; Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine

Summary of Project

A project is available for an adventurous PhD student to investigate the presence of emerging viral pathogens in live animal markets in Cambodia. The PhD student will spend the majority of their candidature in Cambodia working in conjunction with the Institut Pasteur. Conventional virological approaches will be coupled with next generation sequence analysis to explore the presence and risk of emerging viruses in this high risk interface.

Key Words

emerging pathogens; Cambodia; Live animal markets

Would suit an applicant who

Has some background in bioinformatics, molecular biology or virology.

Updated: 5 months ago