Navigation in the unique bat genus Polyrhachis

Title of Project

Navigation in the unique ant genus Polyrhachis

Name of Advisor/s

Prof Simon Robson


College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

The process by which individual insects find their way around their foraging environments, and manage to return to their nest, continues to represent an active area of research with implications for our understanding of not only insect navigation, but the development of simple robotic navigation systems. The ant genus Polyrhachis includes a species that can navigate on both land and water, providing a valuable opportunity to examine the relationship between navigation systems and local habitat characteristics. This project is designed to determine how ants of the highly diverse genus Polyrhachis successfully navigate around their local area.

Key Words

navigation, ant, behavioural ecology, behaviour

Would suit an applicant who

enjoys a combination of field and laboratory work, enjoys designing and implementing field-based experiments. And doesn't mind ants.