Pop-up vendors, farmer's markets and urban life

Pop-up vendors, farmer's markets and urban life

Title of Project

Pop-up vendors, farmer's markets and urban life

Name of Advisor/s

Dr Eduardo de la Fuente


College of Arts, Society & Education

Summary of Project

The push towards pop-up vendors and farmers' markets has started to alter how we source our food and where we consume it. While street vendors and produce markets have always been around people now see such vendors as a way of reconnecting with what is fresh and non-generic. For councils and planners such mobile/impermanent vendors represent an opportunity to reenergise parts of towns or regions that lack vibrancy and activity. The successful student will be asked to frame a research project around what buying food from such non-mainstream sources says about shifting patterns of everyday life in the 21st century.

Key Words

Pop-up and mobile food vendors; farmers' markets; healthy and vibrant cities

Would suit an applicant who

An individual who has an honours degree in sociology, anthropology, cultural studies or urban and regional studies, and who is interested in how food intersects with contemporary everyday life and spatial practices.