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Sensing Cities: Smart Thermal Comfort and Climate Adaptation

Title of Project

Sensing Cities: Smart Thermal Comfort and Climate Adaptation


Silvia Tavares, Lisa Law

College or Research Centre

College of Science & Engineering

Summary of Project

This is a cross-disciplinary project focused upon Smart Cities. Work is being undertaken at JCU in regards to data collection related to smart streetlights, smart water metering, smart waste bins, smart car parks, smart healthcare devices, and so forth. This project adds a climate perspective to the smart cities approach, particularly regarding urban heating in a context of global warming. A cloud-based platform will be connected to sensors providing real-time climate and weather data collection. The sensors will be strategically placed for meaningful urban climate data collection, capturing temperature and humidity to assess thermal comfort. This data will allow the creation of a city map showing urban heat islands (UHI) on a macro- and micro-scale. The outcome will then help explore current uses and inform needed city improvements, helping local government and designers to make strategic decisions about protecting wind and breeze corridors, choosing building materials, placing street trees, green walls and roofs, and promoting shade.

Key Words

Smart cities; thermal comfort; microclimate; urban design; Cairns

Would suit an applicant who

A student interested in climate change and cities

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