Dean's List and Dean's Award for Excellence 2016

Dr Gregory Boyle, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

'The Modelling of Non-equilibrium Light Lepton Transport in Gases and Liquids.'

Primary Advisor: Prof Ronald White

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Daniil Kosov

Co-Advisor: Sullivan Prof James

Co-Advisor: Dr Jim Mitroy

Dr Antonius Cahya Prihandoko, Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

'Rights protection of digital content in the DRM environment'

Primary Advisor: A/Prof Bruce Litow

Co-Advisor: Dr Hossein Ghodosi

Ms Lennie Geerlings, Master of Philosophy (Interdisciplinary Studies)

'Cultural Negotiations in Transnational Knowledge: Cases of Clinical Psychology from the Malay Archipelago and Beyond'

Primary Advisor: A/Prof Anita Lundberg

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Claire Thompson

Co-Advisor: Prof Stephen Naylor

Co-Advisor: Prof Rosita Henry

Dr Georgina Gurney, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)

'Understanding and Integrating Socioeconomic Factors into the Design and Management of Marine Protected Areas'

Primary Advisor: Prof Robert Pressey

Co-Advisor: Prof Cinner Joshua

Co-Advisor: Dr Natalie Ban

Dr Melanie Hamel, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)

'Coral-reef Conservation Planning in Regions with High Resource Dependence: Integrating Lessons from Socioeconomic and Biodiversity Approaches.'

Primary Advisor: Prof Robert Pressey

Co-Advisor: Dr Serge Andrefouet

Co-Advisor: Dr Louisa Evans

Dr Vinnitta Mosby, Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work)

'”Living in Two Worlds”: Torres Strait Islanders' Experiences of Contemporary Out-movement'

Primary Advisor: Prof Tsey Komla

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Wendy Earles

Dr Bronson Philippa, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

'Charge Transport in Organic Solar Cells'

Primary Advisor: Prof Ronald White

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Mohan Jacob

Co-Advisor: Dr Almantas Pivrikas

Co-Advisor: Dr Paul Meredith

Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)

'The Implications of Male Circumcision Practices for Women in Papua New Guinea, Including for HIV Prevention'

Primary Advisor: Prof Jane Mills

Co-Advisor: Prof William McBride

Co-Advisor: Prof Richard Speare

Dr Nandini Velho, Doctor of Philosophy (Tropical Ecology)

'Conservation Challenges of Wet-Tropical Nature Reserves In North-East India'

Primary Advisor: Prof William Laurance

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Susan Laurance

Co-Advisor: Prof Jeffrey Sayer

Dr Shi Yin, Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering - Civil)

'Development of Recycled Polypropylene Plastic Fibres to Reinforce Concrete'

Primary Advisor: Dr Rabin Tuladhar

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Nagaratnam Sivakugan