Dean’s List & Dean’s Award for Excellence 2012

The 2012 Award recipients demonstrated excellence in a research higher degree and were commended by their independent examiners for substantial contribution to their field of research. The 2012 Dean’s List includes the above mentioned Award recipients as well as students awarded their higher degree ‘Cum Laude’.

  • Dr Pablo Saenz Agudelo, Doctor of Philosophy (Awarded Cum Laude)‘Estimating connectivity in coral reef fish populations:  A tool for understanding stability and resilience of marine ecosystems’
  • Dr Philip Bulawa, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Implementation of the Performance Management System in senior secondary schools in Botswana from the perspective of the schools’ heads’
  • Dr Daniel Cocks, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Photoassociation of ultracold metastable helium’
  • Dr Matthew Curnock, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Mechanisms for assessing the sustainability of swim-with-whales tourism in the Great Barrier Reef’
  • Dr Marcelo Kitahara, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Morphological and molecular systematics of Scleractinian corals (cnidarian, anthozoa) with emphasis on deep-water species’
  • Dr Peter Massey, Doctor of Public Health (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Controlling communicable diseases in rural New South Wales:  epidemiological research for directing health policy and practice’
  • Dr Peter Nasveld, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Tafenoquine in the prophylaxis and treatment of malaria in Australian Defence Force Personnel’
  • Dr Caroline Palmer, Doctor of Philosophy (Awarded Cum Laude)‘Biological mechanisms of coral immunity’
  • Dr Doris Schmallegger, Doctor of Philosophy (Dean’s Award Recipient)‘Understanding the impact of inherited institutional environment on tourism innovation systems in resource dependent peripheries:  a case study of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia’