Dean’s List and Dean’s Award for Excellence 2013

The 2013 Award recipients demonstrated excellence in a research higher degree and were commended by their independent examiners for substantial contribution to their field of research.

  • Dr Lawrence Brown, Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health & Tropical Medicine)‘The Energy and Environmental Burden of Australian Ambulance Services’
  • Dr Thomas Camus, Doctor of Philosophy (Aquaculture)‘The Improvement of Copepods Intensive Culture Protocols as Live Feeds for Aquaculture Hatcheries’
  • Dr Ana Maria Cano Gomez, Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology)‘Molecular Identification of Vibrio harveyi Related Bacteria and Vibrio owensii sp. nov., Pathogenic to Larvae of Panulirus ornatus’
  • Dr Aaron Davis, Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology)‘Dietary Ecology of Terapontid Grunters (Pisces:  Terapontidae) with Particular Reference to Ontogey and Phylogeny’
  • Dr Rebecca Fox, Doctor of Philosophy (Marine Biology)‘The Trophic and Spatial Ecology of Rabbitfishes (Perciformes, Siganidae) on Coral Reefs’
  • Dr Emily Howells, Doctor of Philosophy (Marine Biology)‘Coral Symbionts in Warming Seas:  Population Dynamics, Adaptation and Acclimatisation of Symbiodinium’
  • Dr Sreekanth Janardhanan, Doctor of Philosophy (Civil Engineering)‘Integrated Multi-Objective Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Using Coupled Simulation-Optimisation and Monitoring Feedback Information’
  • Dr Rebecca Lawton, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)‘Geographic Variation in Ecology of Coral Feeding Butterflyfishes and Resilience to Large Scale Disturbances’
  • Dr Janya McCalman, Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous Studies)‘A Grounded Theory of Program Transfer:  How an Aboriginal Empowerment Initiative Became ‘Bigger Than a Program’’