Dean’s List and Dean’s Award for Excellence 2014

The 2014 Award recipients demonstrated excellence in a research higher degree and were commended by their independent examiners for substantial contribution to their field of research.

  • Dr Yanbo Cheng, Doctor of Philosophy (Earth Sciences)'Geological evolution of the World Class Geujiu Ore District, SW China: information from magmatism, mineralisation and microanalysis studies'

    Primary Advisor: Dr Carl Spandler
    Co-Advisor: Dr Zhaoshan Chang
    Co-Advisor: Dr Brian Rusk
    Associate Advisor: Dr Anthony Kemp

  • Dr Andrew Chin, Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Science)'The biology and ecology of the Blacktip Reef Shark Carcharhinus melanopterus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) and implications for management'

    Primary Advisor: Professor Colin Simpfendorfer
    Co-Advisor: Dr Andrew Tobin
    Associate Advisor: Associate Professor Mark Hamann
    Associate Advisor: Dr Michelle Heupel

  • Dr Marina Farr, Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)'Estimating the demand for and economic value of 'Fish' in the recreational fishing and tourism sectors: general methodological issues and empirical findings relevant to the Great Barrier Reef'

    Primary Advisor: Professor Natalie Stoeckl
    Co-Advisor: Dr Stephen Sutton
    Associate Advisor: Dr Simone Marsiglio

  • Dr Robert Holm, Doctor of Philosophy (Earth Sciences)'Magmatic arcs of Papua New Guinea: insights into the Late Cenozoic Tectonic evolution of the northern Australian plate boundary'

    Primary Advisor: Dr Carl Spandler
    Co-Advisor: Dr Simon Richards
    Associate Advisor: Associate Professor Gideon Rosenbaum

  • Dr Manish Kumar Jha, Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering – Civil)'Linked Simulation-Optimization Based Methodologies for Unknown Groundwater Pollutant Source Identification in Managed and Unmanaged Contaminated Sites'

    Primary Advisor: Dr Bithin Datta
    Associate Advisor: Associate Professor Siva Sivakugan

  • Dr Morgane Moreau, Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry)'DNA replication of Escherichia coli: a comprehensive study of the Tus-Ter complex'

    Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Patrick Schaeffer
    Co-Advisor: Professor Jim Burnell

  • Dr Philippa Sharman, Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health & Tropical Medicine)'Identification of enzymes potentially involved in the formation of the oocyst wall of coccidian parasites'

    Primary Advisor: Professor Nick Smith
    Co-Advisor: Professor Alex Loukas
    Associate Advisor: Dr Kate Miller

  • Dr Amelia Wenger, Doctor of Philosophy (Marine Biology)'Suspended sediment and its effects on the behaviour and physiology of coral reef fishes'

    Primary Advisor: Professor Geoff Jones
    Co-Advisor: Professor Mark McCormick