Graduate Research School Research Excellence Dean's List and Dean's Award for Excellence 2017

Dean's List and Dean's Award for Excellence 2017

Dr Mason Campbell, Doctor of Philosophy (Tropical Ecology)

‘The Ecological Response of Lianas to Habitat Fragmentation of the Tropical Rainforest.’

Primary Advisor: Professor William Laurance

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor William Edwards

Dr Leah Daniel, Doctor of Philosophy (Education - General)

‘Enacting Mathematical Content Knowledge (MCK) in the Classroom: the Preservice Teacher Experience’

Primary Advisor: Doctor Josephine Balatti

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor William Read

Dr Michelle Dyer, Doctor of Philosophy (Anthropology)

‘Men Bathe Upstream, Women Bathe Downstream: Gender, Natural Resource Management and Development in Rural Solomon Islands’

Primary Advisor: Professor Rosita Henry

Co-Advisor: Doctor Simon Foale

Co-Advisor: Professor Theodorus Otto

Dr Christiane Falck, Doctor of Philosophy (Anthropology)

‘Calling the Dead - Spirits, Mobile Phones, and the Talk of God in a Sepik Community (Papua New Guinea)’

Primary Advisor: Professor Theodorus Otto

Co-Advisor: Doctor Michael Wood

Dr Hannah Hilbert-Wolf, Doctor of Philosophy (Natural and Physical Sciences)

‘Integrating Paleoseismic Studies with Geochronology and Thermochronology to Understand the Timing of Rifting, Volcanism, and Uplift in the Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Eric Roberts

Co-Advisor: Professor Paul Dirks

Dr Amin Mohamed Esmail, Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry)

‘Transcriptomics of Coral-algal Interactions: Novel Insights into the Establishment of Symbiosis’

Primary Advisor: Professor David Miller

Co-Advisor: Professor Bette Willis

Co-Advisor: Doctor Vivian Cumbo

Co-Advisor: Doctor Susanne Sprungala

Co-Advisor: Doctor David Bourne

Dr Diana Mendez, Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health and Tropical Medicine)

‘Identifying and Understanding the Factors Affecting Infection Control and Hendra Virus Management in Private Veterinary Practices in Queensland, Australia’

Primary Advisor: Emeritus Professor Richard Speare

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor Petra Buttner

Co-Advisor: Doctor Jennifer Kelly

Co-Advisor: Doctor Madeleine Nowak

Dr Deirdre O’Hare, Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology)

‘The Impact of Tourette’s Syndrome on the Functioning of Young Australians: The Roles of Tic Severity, Comorbid Diagnoses and Attachment to Peers.’

Primary Advisor: Professor Edward Helmes

Co-Advisor: Doctor Kerry McBain

Dr Manoj Ranabhat, Master of Philosophy (Public Health and Tropical Medicine)

‘Sexuality- A Matter of Life and Death: Successful Sexual Rehabilitation of Men with Spinal Cord Injury in Nepal’

Primary Advisor: Doctor Jennifer Judd

Co-Advisor: Professor Matthew Yau

Co-Advisor: Professor David Plummer

Dr Christine Reghenzani, Doctor of Philosophy (Women’s Studies)

‘Women Serving in the Royal Australian Navy: The Path Towards Equality 1960 to 2015’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Debra Miles

Co-Advisor: Doctor Claire Brennan

Dr Jacqueline Reznik, Doctor of Philosophy (Physiotherapy)

‘Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification: Prevalence, Risk Factors, Management and Treatment'

Primary Advisor: Professor Mary Galea

Co-Advisor: Doctor Susan Gordon

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor Petra Buttner

Co-Advisor: Doctor Erik Biros

Co-Advisor: Doctor Steven Milanese

Dr Vicki-Lea Saunders, Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing Sciences)

‘Using a Non-bracketed Narrative to Story Recovery in Aboriginal Mental Health Care.’

Primary Advisor: Professor Kim Usher

Co-Advisor: Professor Komla Tsey

Co-Advisor: Doctor Roxanne Bainbridge

Dr Robin Twaddle, Doctor of Philosophy (Archaeology)

‘Novel Application of Sclerochronology and Scleroisotope Analysis: Forging New Understandings of Aboriginal Occupation in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria’

Primary Advisor: Professor Sean Ulm

Co-Advisor: Professor Michael Bird

Co-Advisor: Doctor Christopher Wurster