Graduate Research School Research Excellence Dean's Award for Excellence 2018

Dean's Award for Excellence 2018

Dr Jonathan Smart, Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Science and Management)

‘Life History and Demographic Modelling of Shark Species Caught in Indo-Pacific Fisheries’

Primary Advisor: Doctor Andrew Tobin

Co-Advisor: Professor Colin Simpfendorfer

Co-Advisor: Doctor Andrew Chin

Co-Advisor: Doctor William White

Dr Michael Brown, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

‘Symmetry Improvement Techniques for Non-perturbative Quantum Field Theory’

Primary Advisor: Professor Ian Whittingham

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor Daniil Kosov

Dr Ciemon Caballes, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)

‘Environmental Influences on the Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of the Crown-of-thorns Starfish’

Primary Advisor: Professor Morgan Pratchett

Co-Advisor: Doctor Andrew Hoey

Co-Advisor: Doctor Jairo Rivera Posada

Dr Duy Nguyen Dinh Quang, Doctor of Philosophy (Aquaculture)

‘Developing Hatchery Culture of the Tropical Sea Cucumber, Holothuria Scabra, Using Micro-algae Concentrates’

Primary Advisor: Professor Paul Southgate

Co-Advisor: Doctor Igor Pirozzi

Dr Junjie Wen, Doctor of Philosophy (Tourism)

‘Astronomy Tourism: Exploring an Emerging Market - Group Culture, Individual Experience, and Industry Future’

Primary Advisor: Professor Philip Pearce

Co-Advisor: Professor Bruce Prideaux

Dr Daniel Grant, Doctor of Philosophy (Eng-Electrical)

‘Investigation into the Effects of Ionising Radiation on Plasma Polymer Monoterpene Alcohols for Applications in Organic Electronics’

Primary Advisor: Professor Mohan Jacob

Co-Advisor: Doctor Kateryna Bazaka

Co-Advisor: Professor James Burnell

Dr Ashton Gainsford, Doctor of Philosophy (Marine Biology)

‘A Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation of The Hybrid Anemonefish Amphiprion leucokranos: Behaviour Shaping Evolutionary Outcomes of Hybridization’

Primary Advisor: Doctor Lynne Van Herwerden

Co-Advisor: Professor Geoffrey Jones

Dr Alice Buhrich, Doctor of Philosophy (Archaeology)

‘Art and Identity: Aboriginal Rock Art and Dendroglyphs of Queensland’s Wet Tropics’

Primary Advisor: Doctor Shelley Greer

Co-Advisor: Professor Rosita Henry

Co-Advisor: Doctor Noelene Cole

Co-Advisor: Doctor Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy

Dr Meen Chee Hong, Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)

‘The determinants of Chinese Muslim’s consumption of halal products: Implications for Malaysia’s halal export to China’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Sizhong Sun

Co-Advisor: Doctor Rabiul Beg

Co-Advisor: Professor Zhang-Yue Zhou

Dr Sandra Astill, Doctor of Philosophy (Society and Culture)

‘Future Challenges for Older Adults Residing in Ageing Coastal Hamlets on Queensland’s Cyclone-prone Coastline’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Nerina Caltabiano

Co-Advisor: Doctor Sharon Harwood

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor Evonne Miller

Dr Miriam Torzillo, Professional Doctorate (Education - General)

‘Dancing Around the Edges: Dance in the Primary School Classroom’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor Reesa Sorin

Co-Advisor: Professor Neil Anderson

Dr Sachin Sridhara, Doctor of Philosophy (Zoology)

‘Examining Spatio-temporal Patterns of Seed Dispersal by a Terrestrial Non-obligate Frugivore’

Primary Advisor: Associate Professor William Edwards

Co-Advisor: Associate Professor Susan Laurance