Graduate Research School Research Excellence Dean's Award for Excellence 2019

Dean's Award for Excellence 2019

Dr Lars Fredrik Sahlstrom – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title: The Mt Carlton High-Sulfidation Epithermal deposit, NE Australia: Geologic character, genesis and implications for exploration

Advisory Panel: Associate Professor Zhaoshan Chang, Professor Paul Dirks, Doctor Isaac Corral Calleja

Dr Nathan Garland – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title: Electron transport modeling in gas and liquid media for application in plasma medicine

Advisory Panel: Professor Ron White, Professor Mohan Jacob, Associate Professor Daniil Kosov and Dr Daniel Cocks

Dr Dilip Roy – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title: Development of a sustainable groundwater management strategy and sequential compliance monitoring to control saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers

Advisory Panel: Dr Bithin Datta and Associate Professor Nagaratnam Sivakugan

Dr Heather Neilly – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title:  Faunal responses to different cattle grazing strategies

Advisory Panel: Professor Lin Schwarzkopf and Jeremy VanDerWal

Dr Blake Ramsby – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title: The effects of a changing marine environment on the bioeroding sponge Cliona orientalis

Advisory Panel: Doctor Nicole Webster, Associate Professor Mia Hoogenboom and Professor Marcus Sheaves

Dr Lain Efren Pardo Vargas – College of Science & Engineering

Thesis Title: Diversity and habitat use of medium-large sized mammals across oil palm landscapes in the Llanos region of Colombia

Advisory Panel: Professor William Laurance and Associate Professor William Edwards

Dr Martina Mylrea – College of Medicine and Dentistry

Thesis Title: Design and evaluation of a novel professional identity development program for pharmacy students.

Advisory Panel: Professor Beverley Glass and Professor Tarun Sen Gupta

Dr Fiona Oates – College of Arts, Society and Education

Thesis Title: Working for the welfare: Exploring the experiences of Indigenous child protection workers

Advisory Panel: Associate Professor Debra Miles and Associate Professor Nonie Harris

Dr Helena Harrison – College of Healthcare Sciences

Thesis Title: New graduate registered nurse practice readiness for Australian health care contexts: A collective instrumental case study

Advisory Panel: Professor Jane Mills, Associate Professor Richard Franklin and Professor Melanie Birks

Dr Laura Richardson – ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Thesis Title: Variation in structure and function of reef fish assemblages among distinct coral habitats

Advisory Panel: Dr Andrew Hoey, Doctor Nicholas Graham and Professor Morgan Pratchett

Dr Rachel Hay – College of Business, Law and Governance

Thesis Title: The engagement of women and technology in agriculture

Advisory Panel: Professor Lynne Eagle, Professor David Low, Associate Professor Trina Myers and Dr Nadine Marshall

Dr Alisa Hasamoh, Doctor of Philosophy (Society and Culture)

Thesis Title: Trauma and gender in natural disasters and conflict contexts:  A comparative study of Aceh, Indonesia and the deep south of Thailand.

Advisory Panel: Professor Stewart Lockie and Dr Theresa Petray