For HDR Advisors

A strong working relationship between the HDR candidate and their advisor(s) is crucial to the successful completion of their research degree. To be effective, advisors must be available to supervise HDR candidates and to encourage and assist them to produce a thesis that constitutes a substantial and original contribution to knowledge in the field of study. Policies and procedures with respect to supervision of JCU HDR candidates are designed to promote healthy working relationships and thus enhance the learning and research experience of the candidate.

Resources for HDR Advisors

JCU Register of Advisors

All JCU academic and research staff who wish to supervise or are actively supervising JCU HDR candidates must apply for admission to the JCU Register of Advisors. Aspiring HDR advisors must apply to the Research Education Sub-Committee (RESC) to be included on the Register through submission of an Application for Admission to the Register of Advisors.  An annual review of all members of the Register will be conducted by the Graduate Research School. Experienced HDR advisors who wish to upgrade their level of Advisory Accreditation on the Register must apply to the RESC by way of submitting a revised Application for Admission. In all cases, the RESC reserves the right to solicit confidential reports from students who have been supervised by the applicant.

HDR Advisor Training Program

The Graduate Research School will provide workshops for the following categories of advisors and aspiring advisors in 2017:


Category of Academic staff or adjunct staff who have applied and been deemed eligible for membership of the Register of Advisors by the Dean, Graduate Research

Details of required workshop attendance

Other requirements for Register Membership


who have not supervised a HDR candidate to successful completion


Staff who are interested in becoming an HDR Advisor but have not yet applied for membership.

Advisor Training and Research Integrity Overview

One day workshop:
9am to 4:30pm

Completion of the basic Epigeum online course (10 hours), including specified quizzes.


who are new to JCU and have supervised at least one HDR candidate to successful completion as Primary Advisor at another institution


who have applied for and been deemed eligible to advance to a higher level on the Register of Advisors


who have been on the Register of Advisors for 3 years or more at the same level and who are therefore required to attend a refresher course to accept additional HDR candidates

Specific sessions in the one-day workshop Advisor Training and Research Integrity Overview:

(1) Context of Research Training;
(2) JCU Policies and Procedures; and
(3) Research Integrity

(5.5 hours including lunch)
9am to 2:30pm


Training dates for 2017

Monday 13 February 2017Townsville - 17-131
Thursday 1 June 2017Cairns - D3-144
Monday 10 July 2017Townsville - Endeavour Room
Monday 13 November 2017Townsville - 17-151
Wednesday 15 November 2017Cairns - B1-124

The workshop for Category A staff runs from 9am to 4.30pm, for Category B, attendance is required from 9am to 2:30pm.  Refreshments and a light lunch are provided. Sample Workshop Agenda.

To register your attendance please complete the online form. If you have any questions please contact Emma Landy 07 4781 5575 or

Workshops for registered advisors who seek additional professional development

Basic Epigeum online course (10 hours)


Lunch time discussion groups on a designated module in the Epigeum online course

Dates TBA

ED5306: Research Supervision
Subject in Graduate Certificate of Academic Practice

Full Epigeum course (30 hours) and JCU specified assessment including interviews with experienced advisors

Occasional seminars and half day workshops organised by GRS


Role-based workshops in 2017 in Townsville and Cairns:

Training for Chairs of Candidature Committees and Independent Academics (half-day)


Tuesday 4 September11:30am to 1:30pmCairns, Building A1 Room 018
Wednesday 27 September 20179:00am to 11:00amTownsville, Building 17 Room 151
Tuesday 10 October 20171:00pm to 3:00pmTownsville, Building 17 Room 151
Monday 6 November 20179:30am to 11:30amTownsville, Building 17 Room 151
Thursday 16 November 20171:00pm to 3:00pmCairns, Building B1 Room 106

To register for one of the above workshops please complete the online registration form.

Workshop for Primary Advisors for colleges with a shortage of Advisor Mentors (half day) - TBA

Epigeum Supervising Doctoral Studies Online Course

Epigeum is a UK based publisher of online courses designed to transform the way in which universities and colleges support their core activities of research, teaching and learning.  It was founded in 2005 as a spin-out company from Imperial College London.  JCU joined 20 other Australian and international universities as Development Group Members to support Epigeum's development of an online supervisor training course.  The result of that collaboration is the 'Supervising Doctoral Studies' (SDS) programme.  SDS empowers universities to ensure that all staff members involved in the supervision of doctoral candidates are well equipped to deal with emerging challenges in this continually changing field.

The course involves 9 units and requires 10 hours of online study and 20 hours of offline study. Advisors of JCU HDR candidates can access the SDS course through LearnJCU whenever convenient.

JCU academic staff should log in to LearnJCU using their JCU user name and password, click on the Communities tab, and in the My Communities section click on Higher Degree by Research Advisors.  The link to the Epigeum SDS course will be visible at the Higher Degree by Research Advisors home page. Questions relating to the SDS course should be forwarded to the Graduate Research School (

Advisor of the Year Awards

JCU recognises, encourages and rewards staff who excel in the supervision of research degree candidates at the Doctoral, and Research Masters level. Each year awards of $1,000 are offered to winners of the Advisor of the Year Awards across a range of categories.  For more information please visit the Celebrating Research Excellence page.

Advisory Panel

The JCU Research Education Sub-Committee (RESC) will appoint an advisory panel for each HDR candidate. The panel will support the Primary Advisor, as Chair of the Panel, and the Head of the Enrolling Organisational Unit in their supervision of the candidate. Members of the Advisory Panel will be members of the University listed on the Register of Advisors or other persons with expertise appropriate to, but not necessarily or specifically in, the candidate’s research area. The Advisory Panel shall include:

  • Primary Advisor (can be Primary or Advisor Mentor Level on the Register)
  • Secondary Advisor (can be Secondary, Primary or Advisor Mentor level on the Register)

There must be an Advisor Mentor level advisor on the panel, if neither the Primary or Secondary Advisor is Advisor Mentor level a third advisor must be appointed to the panel who is Advisor Mentor level.

If there is an external advisor on the panel the Primary and Secondary advisors must be JCU staff on the JCU Register of Advisors.

The Advisory Panel must ensure that the candidate has access to the basic resources required for their project as outlined in the Minimum Standard of Resources and Facilities and other Support for Research Higher Degree Students. If the required resources are not available within the research group, it is the responsibility of the Advisory Panel to assist the candidate to obtain these resources from within or outside the School, Campus or University. In addition, the Advisory Panel must ensure that access to resources within their research group is equitable.