Epigeum is a UK based publisher of online courses designed to transform the way in which universities and colleges support their core activities of research, teaching and learning. It was founded in 2005 as a spin-out company from Imperial College London. JCU joined 20 other Australian and international universities as Development Group Members to support Epigeum's development of an online supervisor training course. The result of that collaboration is the 'Supervising Doctoral Studies' (SDS) programme. SDS empowers universities to ensure that all staff members involved in the supervision of doctoral candidates are well equipped to deal with emerging challenges in this continually changing field.

The course involves 9 units and requires 10 hours of online study and 20 hours of offline study. Advisors of JCU HDR candidates can access the SDS course through LearnJCU whenever convenient.

JCU academic staff should log in to LearnJCU using their JCU user name and password, click on the Communities tab, and in the My Communities section click on Higher Degree by Research Advisors. The link to the Epigeum SDS course will be visible at the Higher Degree by Research Advisors home page. Questions relating to the SDS course should be forwarded to the Graduate Research School (GRS@jcu.edu.au).